ICT Paper 3 Solution

IGCSE ICT 2020 February March Paper 3 Webpage Task

Find video tutorial for IGCSE ICT Feb/Mar 2020 paper 3 webpage solution. You will get step by step solution for the website authoring task.

The vide simplifies and covers the entire paper by showing step by step solution along with the evidence document reuquired.

The February/March series is only for India region. The webpage task was quite simple and straight forward. Video tag in HTML was asked in the paper which is not a frequently asked question in the ICT exams. CSS part too was very easy and short.

Watch the video for the step by step solution:

IGCSE ICT February March Paper 3 Website Authoring Task

Software used:

HTML CSS: Visual Studio Code

Evidence: Microsoft Office Word

Browser: Google Chrome

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